Easter Bunny came! #hoppyeaster

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Happy kitties! #cute #cats





to the ppl who think they all have the same body type

you forgot someone

and most importantly


Adventure Time really does have some of the most diverse body shapes I’ve ever seen.

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Ready for spring! #ootd #redhead

Really digging this hairstyle #redhead



Attack on High School Click & Drag!

This is fun!

I am popular and I Armin sits next to me which i’m pretty okay with. I belong the Soccer club which is cool, while being #3 in class rank—yay! I’m Levi’s favorite student which I am proud of! My best subject is Hstory and my bbf is Saha while Jean has a crush on me (LMAO) and I did not drop out. Cool~!

Not popular but I sit next to Mikasa and also in the school band (?). Ranks #1 in class (HOW EVEN HAHAHAH), best subject is math and I am the favorite student of Levi. My best friend is Ymir and Eren has a crush on me (…). I almost dropped out (gdi Eren).

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